Here at MIXPRESSO Ltd, we offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty against component failures caused by manufacturing defects. When you purchase a product or a commercial coffee machine from us, you will have the peace of mind for 1 year knowing that you have purchased a quality product, from a company passionate about after sales service.

We DO NOT simply refer you to the relevant manufacturers for guidance. We manage your problem with you with the sole aim to get your coffee machine working again as soon as possible.

Opening a service call:

When you have a problem with the product you purchased, and you are within the warranty period just write to us in the “Contact Us” tab, leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Warranty Explained.

Warranty – A manufacturers warranty is included with all of our commercial equipment and offers peace of mind that your machine has been build for purpose, using high quality components without defects.

It covers the most expensive components which if fail within the warrenty term, will be replaced without charge.

A warranty does not cover wear and tear items (such as seals and plastics) or issues caused by neglect (such as poor cleaning), limescale or operator error.