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Mixpresso Electric Milk Frother - Latte Art Steamer, Cappuccino Machine And Milk Warmer, Hot and Cold Foam Maker


Color white
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Mixpresso
Style Electric
SKU: MF-V02-Wh

About this item

  • THE QUICKEST SOLUTION FOR YOUR NEED : This Milk Steamer And Frother is the perfect solution for a delicious cup of cappuccino, It provides a consistent, perfect milk foam creating small bubbles and a smooth texture, MIXPRESSO milk foamer can heat frothed milk around 150 Fahrenheit in seconds, This is what makes Mixpresso Milk steamer really stand out and worth its price.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY : We at Mixpresso want to bring you the safest and most convenient product to use, Our milk frother and steamer is made of double wall stainless steel for saftey and airy milk, the outer part is coated with a plastic casing for safe grip without hot touch, The inner frother is made up of a Non-stick coating interior offering a smooth and easy cleaning, This electric frother has automatic SWITCH-OFF FUNCTION which makes it as safe as possible.
  • EASY TO USE : Your comfort and your enjoyment is most important to us, so anyone who loves types of cappuccinos or a good espresso drink, our frother electric is the perfect choice. The milk steamer and frother has 2 functions: which are easy to use, it can whipped and foam Hot Milk, and Heat milk with jusr removing the whisk , all ways to enjoy cappuccino,hot chocolate, latte, All you have to is choose which way, and just pour your cup for the perfect smooth milk.
  • YOUR INVESTMENT IS FULLY GUARANTEED. We are confident that our milk frothers are manufactured under strict quality standards to give our customers the best enjoyment. MIXPRESSO is a professional brand providing Home Appliances. For any problems, please contact us and we will respond you immediately to solve all of your worries. In addition, we offer a FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY and 1-YEAR WARRANTY on the coffee frother!!

110 in stock

110 in stock



MIXPRESSO is one of the biggest brands in the field of coffee accessories & small kitchen appliances. Our coffee machines ar the best in the market. And we are proud to sell you our white coffee frother which is one of our best sellers. It’s a unique small milk frother electric made of top materials. We offer our automatic milk frother at an amazing sale, so that you can enjoy a good & cheap and best milk frother and add it to your home kitchen gadgets!!

enjoy a cappuccino coffee cup


Stop paying money for lattes and cappuccinos. Now you can make these in your house in a minute. Stop throwing your money away.


You don’t have time to go to the café in the morning to get a cappuccino and wait on line. This frother heats milk FAST! Lattes and Cappuccinos to go.


Stop having a boring latte and stop having a boring life. Use this frother to make cat lattes. Amaze your friends with something creative and super easy to do with this milk frother. Invite your buddies over and share amazing coffee with them. What creative coffee art work you can do? Take a photo and show us.

Milk frother


Learn to make latte art on Youtube and start having an exciting life with your friends.


Do you have kids? Let them make frothy cats with their friends for hot cocoa. This is fun for kids and play dates.


The reason you are going to make lattes every day is because this frother is so easy to clean. The Teflon interior is non-stick. Wash it off in the sink and this frother is ready to go.